Day: 19 junio, 2017

[Artículo] Estilos comunicativos en estudiantes de Ciencias de la Comunicación de la Universidad Nacional del Centro del Perú

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Autor: Gaspar Orellana Mendez

The descriptive study aims to characterize the communication style, and determine the existence of differences by demographic variables, student career of Communication Sciences of the UNCP. A sample of 70 students were administered questionnaire communication style Gudykunst (1996 ) whose data confirmed the empirical validity test item Corrected Pearson r , whose values were 267-563 . In the Alpha reliability of .714 indicates with Cronbach stability scores communication style top-level (X = 27.96 and SD = 4.692) and significant difference at 95% confidence, communication style and dimensions as semester of study. (F = 4.946, 7.044 and 8.007). We conclude that value more talk and direct communication (X = 27.96). In speech assessment indicates that communication is much appreciated (X = 13.59). In direct communication tends to be hierarchical and collectivist moderate distance (X = 14.37) Studies are needed on larger samples and improved through the university communication style classes of students.

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