[Artículo] The personal and professional brand in the economy of reputation

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Autora: Isabel Iniesta-Alemán

Reputation is the actual battle camp on which all organizations compete. It is a fact that most advertising agencies do not show the professional profiles of their own managers as a valuable token in the communication of their company. In our research, we consider that this may occur because advertisers do not appreciate this information when choosing their advertising and communication service partner. Another assumption that we analyze is that many agencies do not have, in their management team, people whose training or professional background would be enough to openly compete with other agency managers. We used methodological triangulation to evaluate these two hypotheses. In the conclusions of our investigation, we observed that there is a certain opacity in terms of the professional merits of those agency managers when offering their services, since they do not share data on their academic training or professional career. We nevertheless deduce that it is very important for advertisers to know the professionalism of those who are going to be hired in the area of corporate communication. Those who use social networks more professionally are getting a greater market share.

Recuperado de: https://irocamm.com/the-personal-and-professional-brand-in-the-economy-of-reputation/

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