[Artículo] Expanding access to classical music through digital platforms: the OSESP case

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Autores: Isadora Minas Langaro Carneiro, Bianca Persici Toniolo, Allan Tadeu Pugliese.

The use of digital platforms by orchestras and classical music institutions in their communication and marketing strategies has been a growing object of academic study. The São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra (OSESP) is present on social networks, website, and mobile application. But do these platforms contribute to making classical music and OSESP more accessible to the public? Based on this question, a qualitative study was applied to residents of São Paulo, Brazil, to understand the consumption of classical music in the physical and virtual environments and the perception of this public regarding the use of digital platforms as a tool to virtually experience such musical genre. Regarding the results, it is valid to say that the digital communication of orchestras, in general, contributes slightly to the virtual consumption of classical music both by frequenters and by people who do not have this habit. However, OSESP’s digital platforms seem to have little influence on audiences who do not attend its in-person presentations, which opens the opportunity for the institution to create a more effective digital strategy. The outcome of the obtained data, in general, suggests little correlation between the consumption of classical music in the physical and virtual environments.

Recuperado de: https://sphera.ucam.edu/index.php/sphera-01/article/view/438

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