[Artículo] Theoretical approaches to Media and Information Literacy in Foreign Aid Projects (Model for Central Asian countries)

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Autor: Azamjon Oltmishevich Dadakhonov.

This article is devoted to the analysis of different theoretical approaches to the field of MIL. It provides theoretical insights and definitions put forward by various experts in the field of ML and MIL. The author analyses the role of these approaches in develop the MIL level of the population, as well as the to increase the effectiveness of grants and projects of foreign donor organizations in Central Asian countries in the field of MIL. Using the main sources concepts, theories and approaches in different books about ML and MIL, manuals of international organizations, such as UNESCO, DW Akademie etc., the materials of the journal publications and archives, the author tries to give his own approaches to develop MIL in Central Asian countries. The article analyzes the sociological surveys that substantiate the results of the projects implemented in the field of MIL by various donor organizations in recent years. It was emphasized that in Central Asian countries, it is necessary to pay attention to regional, political and cultural peculiarities in increasing the level of MIL of the population.

Recuperado de: https://communicationpapers.revistes.udg.edu/article/view/22855

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