[Artículo] Thoughts on the role of architecture in visual merchandising as an integral part of the strategic communication plan for events

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Autora: Rita González Marzal.

The aim of this paper is to check how Visual Merchandising should be integrated into the strategic communication plan. We also seek to enhance the role of architecture within the overall profitability and communication plan for an event, emphasising the benefits obtained when we put the consumer experience at the centre of architectural design. This is clearly shown when we observe a path that is designed in such a way that it stimulates all human senses, thus generating certain emotions that will modify the perception of the identity of a corporation or an event. We propose, therefore, to project ourselves into the future and investigate new concepts and trends (digital and new technologies) that will be applied in the field of visual merchandising and that will have an impact on corporate or other types of events. And we position visual merchandising as a reflection of the constant evolution of new technologies. Therefore, visual merchandising is constantly reinventing itself in relation to the new emerging codes, thus facilitating communication between generations.

Recuperado de: https://revistascientificas.us.es/index.php/IROCAMM/article/view/14643

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