[Artículo] Twitch: the key to the new paradigm in brand’s communication

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Autoras: Eva Citlali Martínez Estrella, Ainhoa García Rivero, Gema Bonales Daimiel.

Twitch has experienced tremendous growth in the last year. In addition, this social network has become a meeting place for young people, where they not only go to consume video game streams, but they have found in it a place to study, watch movies or relax, among other things. Likewise, streamers have become a fundamental piece in commercial communication on Twitch, being the loudspeakers of brands. 

Therefore, the main objective of this research is to discover the role of Twitch on brand communication. Specifically, the aim is to evaluate the influence of streamers in the perception of brands, to know the interests of the Twitch audience and to analyze the influence of the streamer Ibai. 

To achieve this, a mixed research method combining in-depth interviews with experts and users, as well as focus groups and a survey has been carried out. 

The main conclusion obtained is that this social network represents a paradigm shift in terms of content control by brands, and that the streamer has become a new type of influencer, acting as a prescriber on Twitch. 

Recuperado de: https://sphera.ucam.edu/index.php/sphera-01/article/view/419

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