[Artículo] Digital Journalism: Reconfiguring business models and representing a a market niche for entrepreneurs

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Francisco Saucedo Espinosa, Juan Antonio Sanchez Garza.

The phenomenon of digital entrepreneurial journalism represents an alternative for communication professionals, when facing the dynamic environment that generates the need for a wide portfolio of capacities to ensure both quality in relation to journalistic work, as well as the capacity of administration that the new business models demand. The literature review revealed the state of the art on the concept of journalism, entrepreneurship and the phenomenon of entrepreneurial digital journalism. A regional survey was applied to a sample of 58 journalists from the northeastern states of Mexico (Nuevo León, Coahuila and Tamaulipas) who are engaged in journalism, either press, radio, television or digital media. Nine out of ten perceive job insecurity that demands more than one job for a decent income and among the sources of information most used by journalists are social networks and web search engines, wich indicates that they are immersed in new information technologies and are able to take advantage of any resource or capacity related to technologies and allows them to generate benefits, even in the absence of financial resources, which is an evidenced limitation.

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