[Artículo] Gamificated Corporate Communication at University. Gamification in Social Networks, Experiences, Opportunities and Disadvantages

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Autor: Carlos Gonzalez Tardon

Corporate communication is mutating and gamification has become a powerful tool when it comes to providing new models and methodologies. Universities, because of their special characteristics, must make an effort when it comes to generating projects in this area: either because of the implications of their R & D + innovation activities, their semi-forgotten function of spreading knowledge or the need to adapt to new media and users. The aim of this article is to show the opportunities and disadvantages of Twitter-based gamificated university corporate communication models. To achieve this, the methodology used has been the critical analysis of practical experiences and consulting projects in which the author participated: #dametuits, RT # dametuits and #PowerUp_ECAM. The data suggest a high potential of this type of structures in specific actions, concerns about the generalization impact of long-term acquired knowledge and the key importance of the choice of gamification mechanics with a quantitative or qualitative approach depending of the relationship of the user with the institution. This leads to the conclusion that it is necessary to continue supporting research that leads to optimize these structures and further clarify the most important variables when creating new projects.

Recuperado de: http://ojs.udg.edu/index.php/CommunicationPapers/article/view/238/GonzalezTardon

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