[Ensayo] Corporate identity in the brand co-creation era

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Autores: Abel Monfort, Ana Sebastián, Belén López

The following text analyzes corporate identity from a dynamic perspective. Its aim is to know if brands turn corporate values into behaviours that meet stakeholders’ expectations. Firstly, the essay explains how corporate identity is a key concept in the management of intangible assets because it can generate brand value and reputation. In order to explain this point, authors underline best practices in managing corporate vision and values. Secondly, the paper explores content and commu- nication platforms used by corporate and commercial brands. Lastly, the text sets out how brands should develop a dialogue and co-creation between company and stakeholders, genera- ting consumer participation.

Listening to stakeholders and offering them a dialogue plat- form allows companies to obtain insights about its behaviours and expectations. Therefore, brands can offer relevant and accurate products, experiences and content to its stakeholders. Managing brand identity from a co-creation point of view creates differentiation and competitiveness. Nevertheless, it presents a set of challenges, especially when companies have to choose between the expectations of the stakeholders and the corporate identity.

Recuperado de: http://ojs.udg.edu/index.php/CommunicationPapers/article/view/228/Monfort

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