[Ensayo] The opportunity to use videos of experiments in chemistry classroom

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Autores: Pep Anton Vieta, Josep Duran

Some threats the regarding to educational level and interest in science by citizens of our country only can be fought effectively by improving knowledge and the teaching of science at school. Several initiatives are being carried out and interesting proposals are being put into practice with the aim of improving the attention and interest of pre-university students in science as a first step towards improving their learning. Among them, one that is becoming more popular, is the use of the flipped classroom methodology and, with it, educational videos.

In the context of the use of video as a didactic tool, this paper will present the project devised by the Chair of Scientific Culture and Digital Communication (C4D), the Department of Chemistry and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Girona (UdG), in agreement with the School of Audio-visual and Multimedia (ERAM) assigned to the UdG. “UAu, això és química!” (UAu, this is chemistry!) is a tool at the service of chemistry teachers comprised of a collection of short motivational videos that are ideal to begin a pre-university chemistry class.

Recuperado de: http://ojs.udg.edu/index.php/CommunicationPapers/article/view/465/CP14_VIETA_DURAN

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