[Artículo] False news and the work of information professionals in the coverage of events

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Autora: Nuria Sánchez-Gey Valenzuela

In this article we wanted to analyze the increase of false news or fake news and its relationship with the work of television journalists in the coverage of events. The realization of this study is justified since this fact can not only influence the journalistic work, but also the information that reaches the spectators and their conception of the world. For the study we have used methodologically the structural approach and the professional empiricism. Within the main findings it is demonstrated that the falsified news hide interests that are over the margin of maneuver that the journalist of foot has to avoid them. Also, television companies -which are the ones that ultimately control what information they give or not- decide to include falsified news for the economic benefit that they may entail. This false news is affecting the fundamental right of Spanish citizens and therefore distorting the role of the media and, in particular, the social function that journalists have entrusted. The biggest limitation of this study is that the professionals who have been part of it work for a means of communication and this fact has been able to condition their participation.

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