[Artículo] The impact of digital influencers on adolescent identity building

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Autores: Thalita Lacerda Nobre, Luciana Pereira Abrantes, Carla Carolina Silva

Nowadays, the use of information and communication technologies has generated significant social, economic and cultural changes. This paper aims to address the impacts of digital influencers on the identity construction of adolescents. The method used for this research was qualitative and exploratory, with data collection through bibliographic survey. In order to reach the goal, the paper discusses three fundamentals: the technology scenario and its development; the process and characteristics of adolescence and the relationship of the virtual world with young people in today’s urban societies. It also points out how adolescent may be psychically vulnerable when interacting excessively with digital influencers, demonstrating a relationship permeated by consumerism, individualism and superficial relationships. To discuss these issues we consulted authors of psychoanalytic theory and also sociologists who portray modern society as Guy Debord and Zygmunt Bauman.

Recuperado de: https://revistascientificas.us.es/index.php/IROCAMM/article/view/10984

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