[Artículo] On comics, narratives and transmedia multiverses: re-envisioning the wall-crawler in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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Autora: María Inmaculada Parra Martínez.

This article examines the newest animated version of the Spider-Man franchise in terms of its narrative and artistic choices, to offer a potential answer on the success of the most critically acclaimed film of the spider character. Considering the complexity that characterizes this production, regarding its storyline, its technical density and its transmedial projection, a multidisciplinary approach is used to study the intricate dimensions of this feature. This article offers first a contextualization of the superhero character and the different stories that inspired the creation of this film, to later present an analysis of its artistic style and transmedial nature. In particular, this article argues that the comic style animation of this film, combined with the transmedial identity of its narrative, are the only suitable options for the re-conceptualization of this character, since they recover the essence of the superhero genre, targeting the social dimension of its modern audience in a more effective way its predecessors. 

Recuperado de: https://revistas.innovacionumh.es/index.php/mhcj/article/view/339

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