Call for Papers from IROCAMM «Towards digital maturity in companies and media»

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IROCAMM will publish a monographic section for volume 2 of number 4, corresponding to July 2021 «Towards digital maturity in companies and media«

Submission deadline: Full papers must be submitted before 1 June 2021 to be peer-reviewed.

Publication: July 2021 (N4V2)

The pandemic has accelerated the process of digital transformation in media and newspaper companies, but is there a real awareness of adaptation? The term digital transformation, from a traditional perspective, Agarwal (2020) refers to the change facilitated by the power given to digital technologies in the whole process of organization, production and business of a media. However, it should be understood as a methodology that considers the digital culture of its managers and training of its workers and not only technology as an engine of change.

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