[Artículo] Community journalism in the province of Santa Elena, Ecuador: Analysis of Radio Amor and «La Península» section of Diario Súper

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Autoras: Norma Allyson Armijos Triviño, Ingrid Viviana Estrella Tutivén, Ph.D. Juan Salvador Victoria Mas.

This article begins by fixing the concept and some of the main characteristics of “community journalism”. This phenomenon has been developing for several decades but has undoubtedly taken on new vigour with the development and potentialof information and communication technologies. This widespread situation in today’s society makes it possible in our case not only to multiply the so-called media hearings, but also to contribute to the construction of their contents, information and opinions, such as expression of citizenship and democracy. In addition to an exhaustive bibliographic and documentary review, the research uses the application of content analysis to address the experience of two paradigmatic media: the “Radio Amor” broadcaster and the “The Peninsula” section of the “Super” newspaper, both of the Santa Elena Province, Ecuador. The data evidence different behaviors and results between one medium and another, which also sees the place that for both, occupies the life and sociocultural affairs of the community.

Recuperado de: https://revistascientificas.us.es/index.php/IROCAMM/article/view/14877

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