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The practice of specialized communication requires the necessary skills, attitudes, guidelines, and keys to produce clear, comprehensive and informative texts that allow a lay audience to understand what is happening. In the profession, new technologies and new digital resources contribute to the classic structures used for the elaboration of informative messages in the media.

Sources are the essence of the work of a specialized journalist. Thus, in view of the constant need to be up-to-date with search strategies that allow access to reliable sources, this monograph focuses on the analysis, identification, access and description of qualified documentation techniques (specialized sources hosted in the digital environment) that are useful in the elaboration of informative messages in any of the areas of specialized communication (science, sports, economics, current events, politics, environment, law, education, etc.) of a media outlet. Selection, cross-checking and identification of sources are essential to avoid biased information and fake news.

Submission deadline for articles:  July 6 to September 10 (august being inhosic), 2022

Deadline for authors to receive a response:  During the month of October 2022 (depending on the number of items received, these dates could be extended by a few days).

Monograph publication date: December 1, 2022

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