[Article] Digital Transformation in Ecuador COVID-19 Pandemic as an accelerator to E-Commerce

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Authors: Daniel Fernando López Jiménez, Juan Pablo del Alcázar Ponce.

Following the study on digital transformation that Ecuador has been experiencing in the first year of the COVID-2021 Pandemic, this report submits the growth prospect of e-commerce, marketing and digital advertising. This study is based on the quantitative data published by the metrics of digital communication that take as a starting point statistics gathered from the study of the World Internet Project. Which from the theoretical approach of the Human Ecology of Communication of Ecuador, seeks the endogenous and exogenous particularities of communication behavior in Ecuadorian society, explaining the accelerated process of digital transformation.

Recuperado de: https://communicationpapers.revistes.udg.edu/communication-papers/article/view/22719

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