[Artículo] Strategies of interviewing in cultural press

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Autora: Carmen Neamtu.

The paper treats the interview as a main genre of the written press. The interview can be used by the researchers as a tool of direct documentation on the writer, painter, actor or director interviewed. The study focuses on several interviewing strategies, providing examples for a better understanding of the interview. I tried to highlight some important steps in interviewing, based on my 25 years of experience in Romanian mass-media:  fixing the interview with the person we want to talk to, establishing the rules of the interview, meeting (s) with the person concerned in order to obtain the interview, preparation of the interview: topics to be discussed, setting the questions for the interviewee, preparing the recording equipment or clarifying the way of answering (in writing, by e-mail, telephone, etc.).

Recuperado de: https://communicationpapers.revistes.udg.edu/article/view/22843

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