The Latin American path towards digitization

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The Latin American path towards digitization

Raul L. Katz

Pantelis Koutroumpis

Fernando Callorda



Digitization is defined as the social transformation triggered by the massive adoption of digital technologies to generate,process, share and transact information. This paper presents a methodology followed to calculate the Digitization Index, aconcept originally developed by Booz & Company, the global management-consulting firm. This index consists of sixelements capturing Ubiquity, Affordability, Reliability, Speed, Usability and Skill and 24 sub-indicators measuring tangibleparameters of perceived digitization metrics. The index indicates that countries are clustered as Digitally Constrained,Emerging, Transitional or Advanced, with varying degree of contribution of digitization to economic growth. The Index isused to assess the situation of Latin American countries in terms of their progression to digitally advanced societies. In thiscontext, the areas to focus in the formulation of Latin America digital agenda are outlined.




Digitization Index; digitization metrics; methodology; Latin America; digital agenda.



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Katz, R. L.; Koutroumpis, P. & Callorda, F. (2014) The Latin American path towards digitization, en Revista Redes, 9, 151-181.

DOI: 10.15213/redes.n9.p151



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