Emergent leadership: E-leadership implications for virtual education

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Emergent leadership: E-leadership implications for virtual education

Ingrid del Valle García Carreño



The purpose of this study was to emphasize up its main objective how new technologies can assist teachers. The use of information and communication technology in educational settings in the future of teaching is examined with regard to new functions and roles of teachers in coming university distance scenarios. The specific case of the virtual leader and mentor is studied. The article defines and explores the relatively new leadership paradigm of e-leadership that has arisen in little more than a decade. Special attention is given to the following topics: The first section is to develop a theoretical framework to improve understanding of this new form of work  related to tutors, the leader and distributed leadership in the virtual environment; also we review literature to build a comprehensive understanding of what constitute e– leadership in organizations. The second section discusses the main strengths and skills of the virtual leader and their importance in the management of education at a distance. We focus on delineating the dimensions of a typology to characterize different types of virtual teams; the dimensions are then used to draw leadership implications. Finally, the general research question guiding this investigation was what will bring about real progress and provide leadership to the virtual or distance learning?



Palabras clave:

E-leadership; Distributed Leadership; Distance and Virtual Education; Virtual team



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del Valle-García-Carreño, I. (2014) Emergent leadership: E-leadership implications for virtual education, en Revista Redes.com, 10, 309-324.

doi: 10.15213/redes.n10.p309



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