No pass… no grass no ass! Self-representation of the global-movement in Genoa, 2001

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best custom essay writing services No pass… no grass no ass! Self-representation of the global-movement in Genoa, 2001

woher viagra ohne rezept Emanuele Achino

Giuseppe De Sario


dissertation chapters Abstract:

The scientific methodology and passionate politics are the main traits which have urged a group of researchers to net with the global movement late in the 1990s. It was since the summer of 2000 when the biotech ‘Tebio’ trade-fair was hosted in Genoa that some of these researchers had the chance to stay in touch with other groups and organizations belonging to an emerging new social movement. By establishing an affinity-group, they stated that a visual approach was useful for participation, and the visual culture has been considered strategic for social identification. Furthermore, a visual-research-project arose by developing into an experience of activism-research, which used the visual ethnography and the biographical approach for analysis. At that time in Italy a new social movement arose, and groups and organisations were in a statu nascenti time (Alberoni: 1979), during which individuals and groups are able to merge with others by creating a new collective-identities. Within this framework, new questions arose regarding how to participate at the following protest against the WTO, which was scheduled in Genoa, July 2001. Accordingly, the affinity-group agreed on that a visual research was an option for participation, by also collecting information  on the movement and militants involved in the protest.. The group aimed, in fact, to face certain political issues by adopting a theoretical question in the fieldwork. Indeed, the theoretical question was connected to the making-sense paradigm and it was supposed that by the sole act of participation militants provided sense for action, by also creating social and political conflict. Keywords:

social movements, conflict, participation, visual studies, social change Cómo citar:

Achino, E.  y De Sario, G.  (2014) No pass… no grass no ass! Self-representation of the global-movement in Genoa, 2001, en viagra apotheke ohne rezept Revista, 10, 286-307.



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