[Artículo] From NPR to VR: tracking ocular behavior in immersive virtual reality

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Autores: Victor Fajnzylber Reyes, Andrea Wenner, Javier Moyano, Mateu Sbert.

In this work, we present a research about ocular behavior during immersion in virtual reality. To enhance our comprehension of human behavior in immersive conditions, we will focus on vision and its reactivity to non-photorealistic rendering and cinematic procedures. Using physiological data collected in real time with an eye tracker, we compare attentional and pupillary response in order to describe the visual immersion experienced by the user. This proposal could be useful to identify physical sickness produced by perceptual mismatches and to evaluate the cognitive efficiency of virtual reality experiences in different fields of applications, giving feedback to content producers about user´s ocular behavior.

Recuperado de: https://communicationpapers.revistes.udg.edu/communication-papers/article/view/22328

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